Consultations / Appointments

Consultations / Appointments

COVID-19 protocols - May 2022: Clients with proof of vaccination are permitted to stay within the hospital for appointments. All other clients can come into the building for check-in/out.

The Neurology/Neurosurgery Service is a referral only service. Your veterinarian will request a referral appointment and forward medical records, then clients can schedule appointments with the Neurology/Neurosurgery service by calling 530-752-1393. Emergency neurological cases are evaluated 24/7 through our Emergency Service and emergency consultation by the Neurology/Neurosurgery service may be obtained. Cases are then transferred to the Neurology/Neurosurgery service when stable for further management.

As we are a teaching hospital, please be aware that you will be meeting veterinary students during your appointment, who are an integral part of our team. You will also meet and work extensively with a resident clinician (neurologist in training) who is working under the direct supervision of a faculty clinician (attending clinician). For appointments, please note that we dedicate that time for examination and discussion purposes and diagnostics are typically performed the following day if necessary. 

We are also happy to provide over the phone consultation services for veterinarians who want to discuss cases they are managing and provide advice as needed. We encourage referring clinicians to call ahead when sending over a case and to contact us if you have any questions.

For more information, please refer to the hospital website or contact us.